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  1. Yes, seems to be working fine now... Thanks a bunch.
  2. Will try tomorrow morning...
  3. Used version 1.0.4 instead, which seems to work as intended.
  4. My issue is that nothing is really happening when banning member. I get the Action takes successfully-popup, but no functionality.
  5. Also maybe not show members on mobile, since it does not seem to show in mobiles? Or maybe just my site?
  6. Maybe add a couple of things... Font-size adjustability. And ability to translate words.
  7. I'm going about this another way, in my head. Going to implement ispAds class to images, so the adblocker removes images from site. This way if you want to see any images, they get blocked my the adblocker and it's the users choice if they want to remove the adblock. Thoughts on if this might fail?
  8. I just heard from a few of our members that the Next unread Topic link sometimes gives an error.
  9. I might have found a bug. When setting the "How many equal features the Club can have?" to anything higher than one (I tried 2), then an error message comes along that you have reached your maximum, but 5 forums were created in the club. Feels like a bug.
  10. I have a similar issue, but the support said it would be my server. I highly doubt it though. Very good specs (Dedicated, 32Gb RAM and SSDs) and sql is optimized to max. I get random slowness posting new replies and new topics. Warning members however always takes forever and approving topics forever too. Also seeing double/triple/quad etc. topics, but not unless the user clicks reload, so I am guessing the problem is with ajax something... The issue to load the reply itself, not writing it to the database. Anyhow... I have decided to wait for the next version to see if it improves.
  11. Will it be possible to use this to convert Group Collaboration into Clubs, in the future?
  12. Got it... I was so sure that behaviour was due to your plugin (even in the streams), but I now see your plugin works differently. Thanks for clearing it up.
  13. See my post above here. I corrected my issue description. It is on the stream pages the read topics don´t link to the last post. I use a 24h stream on my community (where all topics from the last 24h are showing, read and unread) and thats where the issue is for me. On the already read topics.
  14. Aha... If you are on a stream-page with already read topics, the unread ones do not link to the last post. That would be the correct description of my issue. Maybe a bug?
  15. Works on unread topics (I am on 4.2.1 and the latest version of your plugin), but not on already read ones. Only goes to first post, if topic is already read, regardless of setting in ACP. Maybe you could have a look?
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