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  1. There are some developer articles available @ IPS Resources, check here: http://resources.invisionpower.com/index.php?appcomponent=cms&module=articles&category=135 :)
  2. Check the screenshot posted in the announcement and you'll see everything you need ;)
  3. Yeah, I already knew from this morning that something was going on since I checked the latest nightly build of IPB and if I remember correctly the check is done only when the account is registered so checking when an account is registered with Converge should be good enough :o Good, something like that should work fine :)
  4. Since in the announcement nothing is mentioned about that I'll it here: is there any way for us forum admins with an active license to ask for the removal of an address/IP from the spam list if a certain data is marked wrongly as spam? I'm sure there is a way (maybe opening a ticket) but a fast way to report such things is needed when a lot of people will use this system after the release :) A good idea indeed :thumbsup:
  5. Indeed this would help a lot to not waste time :D IPS devs needs to export always every one of the 3 default apps (core/forums/members) but us modders don't need such thing :P
  6. You need to have an active license in order to post in the support forums. Also we are not allowed to give support in the feedback forum, if you have an active license login with the email & password of your active license.
  7. This would require a lot more work as I would need to code a new area in ACP only to handle that, I just prefer to copy/paste the hook files and change the access point as it is much more faster :lol: I'll definitely forget to update them sometimes but I'll live with this issue :P
  8. Yeah, I never said you don't want to do it but put this feature at the top of the "TODO" lists as it is really needed :P
  9. Good, hopefully now people will at least read the notice at the top of the file before translating the cached files instead of using the ACP editor :whistle:
  10. Until they add this by default if you want I have released a mod to add the email of the registration in the notification, just have a look in my sig for the link ;)
  11. For the shoutbox I need to release 5 different hooks just because the hook access point can't be edited, and is a pain to maintain 5 hooks (I might do a fix in an hook and forget to apply it also to the other one and such lol) :(
  12. Perfect :D You did something also for #1? It should be a quick change in the JS :P
  13. I think It is already too late to include this in 3.0.1 but do something about that problem in IPB 3.0.2 please :(
  14. Have a look also there before releasing 3.0.1 Matt :P
  15. Little bump :unsure: I have seen a lot of questions related to this issue also in the latest days :o
  16. I have just added 2 more features in the first post :whistle:
  17. I have reported it in the tracker some time ago and it was marked as fixed for 3.0.1 but seems it is still broken so :o
  18. As they have already said you need to tell your root admin to submit a support ticket, we are not allowed to give support in the feedback area.
  19. Also would be nice if the popup with the differences needs to be closed clicking on the close button because if you click by mistake outside it you need to click again compare differences. (probably you can make this change also in 3.0.1 instead of 3.1 :P )[*]A nice addition in ACP would be to make the same modular thing made for the groups also for the forums, I know a lot of mods out there adds settings to each forum and a system like the one used for the group permissions would help a lot modders.[*]Can you please add 2 more parameters ($lang_file and $app) in the getTemplate function of the hanEmail class? If we use an email template from another file we ned to load it before calling the function and if for any reason the check of the language set by the user fails the board loads the default file with the default language that of course won't have our custom email templates. For now I solved the problem writing my own getTemplate functions but honestly is a bit annoying that I need to copy/paste the same function just to change the template name (I think I have done the same thing for IP.Tracker if I don't mistake :P)[*]Now that you added the small icon to let us know which topic we are tracking in forum view can you also add a link to that image so we can unsubscribe from those topics without opening them one after one? :o (Maybe with some nice ajax code to not reload the page :D) In the skin editor when you click the button "Compare Differences" the popup is too small, it should open with a bigger size like when you click on the green button on a template tab to work full screen on the template.
  20. I made this mod for 2.3 and I have already released the updated version for IPB 3 if you are interested :P The link to download it is in my signature: (T30) Close Only Poll (the download is available also @ IPS resources if you don't have an account on my site :) )
  21. I was searching a setting restrict certain groups to give out reputation points but I couldn't find any :ermm: It is a must-have setting to have for a reputation system in my opinion :P
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