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Everything posted by teraßyte

  1. Yes, it should work exactly in this way :) (if no bugs are found :lol:)
  2. I didn't know that there was a mod like that for IPB 2.3 at IM but if you are interested I have already released my mod for IPB 3 @ Invision Byte and also here on IPS Resources (is not approved here yet). [No file or skin edits needed, I love hooks! :wub: ]
  3. I'm working on a "Bump Topic" mod for IPB 3 while it is not a default feature if someone is interested :rolleyes:
  4. You should NEVER edit the cache_store table in any case. Are you able to login in ACP or you get this error also there? If you are able to login then rebuild all the caches.
  5. Yes it will work, the upgrader will first run the queries for RC1 to RC2 and then RC2 to Final :P
  6. Report it to the piracy department: http://www.invisionpower.com/piracyreport.php
  7. Indeed, if they are not going to add it I have already a mod for that in my todo list. (not to make applications show only in UCP anyway, only TAB visibility)
  8. Matt truncated the markers table today that's why you had so many "New Content".
  9. teraßyte

    IPB RC 2

    Remember to clear your browser cache after uploading the new JS file or the browser will still use the old JS file cached. If this doesn't work clear also all minify files under cache/tmp and then try again.
  10. Same here, I never liked the old IPB 2 skin (this applies to both default and pro skins).
  11. Well adding something like "If you are the administrator of this forum please check the error logged in the cgi file inside your cache folder" would at least help a bit I think :ermm:
  12. Bump, the IPS Driver Error page still have the old message (not to mention that already some reports have been made posting IPS Driver Error without the real error lol)
  13. They have added some debug tools to help find problems with the topic marking system and other things that's why the site is slow.
  14. The textarea to run a query in ACP SQL Toolbox is really small and aligned to the left. Removing the attribute col="40" and changing it with the style below would be better personally: style="width:99%" A width of 100% goes out of the light background so 99% of width is needed and maybe center the textarea so it doesn't look weird to have a thin line of a different color on the right.
  15. Actually view count is not shown in "View New Posts", only replies :P The "missing" parts from the old IPB 2.3 style are: Topic Icon, Rating, Topic Starter, Views count. Personally I would like to have back only Topic Starter and I'm not sure if the rating is actually shown or not in IPB 3 but I have never seen it yet :ermm: EDIT: lol while I had the page open they made other 2 posts :lol: Like Michael said also a way to go to the first post of the topic is missing and I would like to have it back together with topic starter.
  16. I was going to export an hook and I had the popup open to select language bits, I was already done adding 10 language strings but I clicked by mistake out of the popup and it closed itself so I had to redo everything. Can you please stop the popup being closed by clicking outside so we can close it only clicking on the close button? :whistle:
  17. There is already a topic about caching the check for the hooks version and to repeat it after a defined number of days so I'll skip that part :P Actually the function that checks if an hook is updated or not based on the long version checks only if the Update URL returns 1 or 0 and based on that the board shows an upgrade link ONLY if you have setup a website url for the Hook. My idea is to expand a bit the data returned in this format: 1|URL_TO_DOWNLOAD_THE_NEW_VERSION In this way even if the website url is not specified for the hook (or if the url has changed) admins have always the latest url available that points to the direct url for the download based on the mod instead of pointing always to the website defined for the Hook. A quick example for the link is: 1|http://www.mydomain.com/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=XXX
  18. Well this topic was about something completely different :P The fast reply box doesn't appear at all in the mentioned forums in the first post, as it is a per-setting forum I was wondering why you disabled it on those 2 forums :o
  19. I was wondering why the fast reply is disabled here for those forums: Skinning and DesignIPB Skin Support
  20. Well, the best thing (in my opinion) is to show only the dropdowns to change if/foreach cycle and the other dropdown to selected the hook point of course when IN_DEV is not enabled. When IN_DEV is enabled instead show everything as usual.
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