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  1. Since the arcade mod is a paid&encoded mod I cannot really help with it. About the change you need to use something like that: IPSLib::makeNameFormatted( $name, $group );
  2. You need to assign yourself as staff for the departments and then the moderation dropdown will show up at the bottom of the ticket and also in the tickets list (same menu as the one in the forum view for moderators)
  3. I haven't had much free time lately, however apart from some minor bug the current release is quite stable even if it has "beta" in the name.
  4. I don't recall specifically which language string is being used but most likely your string is being overwritten by another word pack from another app.. In the next version I'm going to set a default string in the global file to fix any issue reported so far.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy lately and I haven't checked much the topics on here. The error has nothing to do with this modification itself actually; 59244544bytes= 56,5M of memory_limit while IPB 3 requires PHP 5 and the default memory_limit for it is 128M. You need to increase that limit in your PHP configuration file or ask your host to do it for you.
  6. I'll have a look again on my board, I tested this mod in every area on FF 3.5 before releasing it so not sure.. I'll try to check again also with IE and Safari.
  7. Have you done all the skin edits in the readme? Also is your skin updated to 3.0.5? In earlier versions there were a couple of name bugs in the templates that were fixed around 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 so if your custom skin is not updated with them this is a part of the issue.
  8. Have you done all the skin edits in the readme?
  9. If the name doesn't show up at all in the list something else is going on since the mod only adds the image :unsure:
  10. Ops sorry, my mistake there >_< You have to replace the code and not "add below", as I said above I shouldn't edit the files at 2AM.. :P EDIT: I've updated the download here to fix the typo in the readme, will update the download later also on my site ;)
  11. Double check the edits you made in that file and be sure they are exactly the same. EDIT: Yes you have to uninstall the old hook and install the new one (install it only if you want the group format in the status updates hook in the sidebar however)
  12. Are you using IPB 3.0.5, looks like you are using an earlier version. If I don't mistake the edit you posted is for one of the sidebar hooks on the board index that were moved in that file around 3.0.4 or 3.0.5.
  13. Nope but I wanted to be sure before making brandon happy: http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=tracker&showissue=20462 :P
  14. Nope I do not have that char in my keyboard :P EDIT: Dawpi can you confirm me if you added the quote in your post after replying with an edit or if it was there from the start? (I might have found a bug in IPB >.<)
  15. Fixed a typo in the second edit for the messengerFunctions.php file (really, I shouldn't edit the readme of a mod at 2 AM...)
  16. There was a small edit missing in the package, I have updated it and fixed also a typo. The edit missing was in the messengerFunctions.php file (on a fresh install it is the second edit, for the upgrade file it was both edits instead)
  17. Yes, 2.0.0 has been tested only on IP.Board 3.0.5. It is a real pain to support this modification (currently ~110 file edits) and I have decided to support only and always the latest version of IP.Board for it.
  18. The mod has been upgraded to version 2.0.0 and supports IP.Board 3.0.5, however, if you have any issues with it I would prefer if you posted over at my forum in the dedicated forum I made as it is hard to keep track of everything in one topic with such big modification (with all the addons the file edits are something like 110!) (T30) Group Format 2.0.0 Support Forum
  19. I'm not aware of any change in 3.0.5 that might break this mod but I'll have a look :) Unless the proxy changes the user agent you will still see firefox.
  20. It is a fake and they are also using a nulled board most likely (look at the copyright).
  21. No, lately I've had less free time than usual and the next version will be for sure Beta 2 and not the final one however.
  22. It is a limitation of the current system, it is not possible to extend the same class 2 times or PHP will return a fatal error. There might be a way to run them chained but it is a bit tricky and for sure that won't change before 3.1 at least (if the developers can find a way to change it).
  23. There you go, the skin overloader for the topic view of the award hook is run before this one and as I said above only the first one is actually run.
  24. The staff gets an email notification (if you haven't disabled that setting up the staff in your ACP), then your staff is automatically subcribed to each ticket if they have chosen to be subscribed each time they reply; there is also a button that shows if you are already subscribed to the ticket or not (pretty much like the topics). However you cannot chose a delayed or daily email, all email notifications are immediate for the ticket system.
  25. Which other hooks do you have installed? Most likely you have another hook that is overloading the same class and since a class can be overloaded only one time currently this hook is skipped.
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