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  1. I know there is an option to allow albums in certain gallery categories, however, would be nice if there was an option to force members to create an album within the category or give them the option of uploading to one of their existing albums. I can see it now, the gallery categories are going to be a mix of albums and individual photos. Also, in the previous version to this one (3.4.6), when you uploaded a picture to the gallery did it not either have a BB link you could share in a topic or when you posted that topic, gave you the option to choose gallery photos to display? The way it is cu
  2. I am attempting to install, however, it is telling me that my PHP mem limit is only 32mb...When I check as well as have the Host check, they confirm it is 128mb. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Ugh, cannot come up with a decent domain name!

  4. WOOHOO the design for Outdoor-Forums.com is almost done, take a look and let me know what you think!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. .Brian


      I like it a lot!

    3. openfire


      SWEET. Did you design the skin yourself, or have it custom made?

    4. dieselpowered


      @BrianGarcia, thanks very much!

      @openfire, thank you...no I had it made some time ago, it was never finished so I am trying to get it all done.

  5. I would think that if non-validated members are unable to view profiles or post comments, that it would be reasonable to make it so that members, admins, mods, that do have access to post comments cannot post on those profiles. In other words, if you require members to validate their e mails prior to becoming a member, receiving PMs, restrict status updates, why let them receive profile comments? Just a suggestion :)
  6. My avatar picture was actually taken in the Alamo Lake, AZ area.

  7. your avatar pict looks really familiar - where was it taken?

  8. Not sure if this has ever been brought up, however, the formatting in the member list is all out of whack, very likely a browser issue, however, thought I would bring it up. At work we use IE7, I will have to check if it is the same on IE8 as well as the other browsers.
  9. Commence Vegas countdown...woohoo!

  10. Finally decided to use IPB for my next project, now to find a designer!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dieselpowered


      Yes I will be sure to do that! Thanks.

    3. Stars25


      I haven't submitted my site to that list yet, but I offer cheap, high quality premade and custom skins. PM me for more details! :)

    4. dieselpowered


      Thanks Stars, responded to your PM

  11. So while setting up my test site I came across something that I think would help a lot of people out. Well maybe not help, however, definately made the process quicker. When adding new forum categories, you have to do through the whole process of adding the forum information, changing forum setting, changing permissions, etc. Maybe it would be a good idea to be able to clone the previous forum you setup and then just change the forum title and description. You could still make changes to everything else, however, it would initially take the values of the forum you are cloning. Then if you w
  12. You are likely correct, I have never used them, however, member's sometimes do. Correct me if I am wrong, but can you not turn them off in the admincp? Nonetheless, yes they can be changed, in the post_icons area via FTP, granted they will have to have the same extension and you can only change them, not add any...well without a template edit. :)
  13. Maybe there is a reason the devs did this, however, I noticed that there is no way to change the post icons through the admincp. Is there a reason behind why we cannot change post icons in the same way we can with emoticons? Might be something to incorporate. Thanks!
  14. Ugh...

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    2. Nabix
    3. dieselpowered


      Ya I don't know...too many bugs still in the newest version. Very aggravating!

    4. Fishfish0001


      Just go with what feels right :)

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