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  1. How about a swipe-like feature for the posts and a setting for the number of posts to display on a page? Think of the Kindle reader. It isn't as far off from what you have now but I prefer to read a smaller number of posts and (perhaps), reply right there, and flick and reply.
  2. London Heathrow connecting at Terminal 5 test post



    1. surferboy


      If I made this post in a blog, how would it look on the activity stream?

  3. Can you adjust the size of the post border?
  4. This happened to me as well. On these issues, it appears that Lindy handles them and it took over a week to hear from him.
  5. @Lindy Actually what I was asking for and what I see on the websites I mentioned, and in the link to the video screen capture in my original post is a link that appears after you scroll down a bit. Some of the sites have it appear from the side, but all of them have one thing in common - the link stays in the same location once you have scrolled down some distance. That means it essentially hovers to the lower right of the screen as you scroll down or up. Click on it and zoom, up you go. Check it out on Kenneth Cole's website, on eBay ...
  6. We run up against this issue in our community. We have a special custom-made translate button for our users to read an article in their language, based on their country of registration. But your assumption that browsers can always serve you well in handling translations depends on the language. As an admin, I curate a lot of media articles, many of which are in a foreign language. The english browser translation works well for Polish, for Dutch, for Hungarian, for Slovak, as examples. The english translation of German, Italian, and some other languages is horrible. The reader really only
  7. Kenneth Cole's website has this feature. National Institute of Health website has this feature. eBay has this feature. Some just show an up carrot symbol. I'm not surprised by the comments; they all point to an 'admin-esque' point of view of how the end user "should" use a website in a browser. My suggestion is based on what your average end user expects and finds convenient.
  8. Attached is a video screen capture from the website Wayfair.com - Okay, can't add the file - max file size is 30 mb and the capture is 34.7 mb. I'll try to add it as a link via Drop Box. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbxztww4r743nsz/ScreenCaptureProject1.mp4?dl=0 As I scroll down, a return to top button appears to the right. This is so intuitive and makes browsing the website so easy. Jump to the recent, very active topic in this community about IPS 4 Stability. Lots of people are making comments. I am following the topic. I keep the forum active in one of my browser tabs
  9. perhaps but what I proposed in my earlier post was relinquishing admin control of communities that so volunteer to have the upgrades done by a QA team instead of by the forum owners themselves. this gives a level of verifiable problem identifcation that avoids the current bug system reporting
  10. This just in - an announcement about Firefox 48. http://www.zdnet.com/article/new-versions-of-firefox-prepare-for-its-biggest-change-ever/ Why mention it here? Because of the way they are introducing the new version, knowing that it will cause problems. Further to my suggestion, these volunteers would have their sites upgraded by the QA folks on the volunteer's hosts' platforms, where the QA folks could watch first hand what is happening in a non-cloud environment.
  11. I definitely think you need to do this and marry it with a few live communities that volunteer to have the QA testers have full admin access and perform the external upgrades on those sites. Those communities would be given some kind of separate ticket system that has immediate priority to fix problems on their sites. I'm not talking about cloud stuff - I'm talking about the QA testers given ftp access to third party hosted platforms. The QA testers would be sending messages to the community admins advising them of upgrades they have done. At the same time, the third party plugin developer
  12. For those of us still in the dark ages, before the Republic, and the Empire, will our Mandrill Bouncer continue to function with Mandrill now "attached" to Mail Chimp? Using 3.3.4. Thanks.
  13. My philosophy mirrors that of the consulting guru from the 80's, Tom Peters: stick to your knitting. In other words, focus on what you do well. IPB does forums well but I feel that there are ecommerce solutions out there that are more robust simply because those companies focus on ... ecommerce. Similarly, same with chat and with gallery. I feel the same with blogs but the security issues surrounding Wordpress made me move our blogs to IPB. So you're wondering what this first paragraph has to do with the Spring Fashions in Milan? I tend to expound. What I am trying to explain is my
  14. yeah, I saw that and checked it out. was wondering if others used something like this and could explain the concept and uses of push notifications in general.
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