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  1. Tags is powerful, but need to be per-defined. for example content can be tags by many tags like "content" or "ip.content" or "ccs" . so if the author1 tag it by "content" and author2 tag it using "ccs" and so .........., a lot of drama will happened later with unlimited tags. Tags are perfect only if it is per-defined in my opinion.
  2. Must be included on IPB4

    you can force font size in signature . for example try add this to your skin css .signature,.signature a { font-size: 0.9em !important; } or you can set font range via jquery . for images auto resizing in signature you can use max-width and max-height to do this . like this .signature img {max-width:500px; max-height:250px; }
  3. Responsive Framework

    responsive mean 1) hundreds of bugs , 2) large number of css media query .3) does not fit mobile devices needs like speed factor . so in my opinion it is not really recommended . you can see how many vb5 beta's till now and still there are many problems in layout . focusing on mobile apps will be better .
  4. Great work Invision

    Great work
  5. access to old versions

    I am here just introducing a problem may happen with anyone :smile: , please do not redirect the topic to a disccuss about nulled versions , my topic is about accessing to old versions .
  6. Hello , recently a customer contact me about upgrading a skin made in 2.3.x to the latest version and he sent me the skin files . I have no 2.3.x installed in my localhost , so I went my client area and tried to find it . When I did not find it just searched in Google and found many nulled versions available online . Why an active customer need to search in web to got an old version . My suggestion : provide it in contributor forum ? . Best regards .
  7. Best Answers, Unusable . . .

    it is a modification which promote a post , but ips restrict it to best answer future . it can be use for other things like ads or announcment or faq , so I think if there a way to allow admin to add different titles that will make it more usable . Best regards .
  8. I think that there is something we do not know preventing them these days from approving files, maybe a marketplace bug or maybe they making some upgrade ? I say this because I saw the moderators active and they also approving marketplace blog entries ! anyway It will be helpful to see more moderators .
  9. Membr List : it is useless , who care honestly about member list
  10. Post Your IPB 3.4 Suggestion(s)/Opinions HERE!

    in my opinion no skin changes required just optimize it by : 1- adding more Id's to overwrite global css classes 2- moving global css to ipb_styles.css like Ip.content blocks css (we use it in all apps so it is no more a part of ip.content.css ) 3- not sure if this in 3.3 or not , but It will be nice if one can change the order of css files to fit his needs 4- thanks for your topic , I do not like "bubble posts" , but if there a "bubble tea" that will be nice :grin: , maybe an option to switch between vertical post layout and compact post with horizontal member info's would be nice for me 5- Member Tab is useless honestly , you may think in change it to something like "Member Portal" with some blocks on right and left like newest members , recent status updates , top posters ,upcoming member birthdays , ...., ..... this will make the tab make sense
  11. HTML5 Templates/Themes?

    I made some ip.content responsive templates and a minimal responsive template based on mobile skin http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B-6PbmPkrQ4 and working now on complete responsive skin , but not sure how long it will take since I work on this only when I have free time . best regards .
  12. I just post it as example , no plan to do complete responsive skin at this time , these edits based on my old skin http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4730-qa-minimal-skin-free/ if you interest in this minimal edits , I can send you a copy of it . Best regards
  13. as marcher said , it is depend on ips-layout , only need some extra small size css file . so this will not effect the performance at all here is an example from my dev board best regards
  14. thanks for this nice discussion , when we speak about responsive we are indeed speaking about five different layouts : 1- more than 960px 2-tablets Between 768px -- 959px 3- devices 481px --767px 4-mobile landscape 480px -- 767px 5- Mobile Portrait: less 479px these layouts can be done using @media tag . this should be easy but it will take long time to do this , so I think IPS maybe prefer mobile skins for small devices for me : it is something really I like and thinking in doing it , but this need full time skinner with a lot of coca cola . Best regards
  15. 1- need more ID's to overwrite global css elements like (padding , half-padding , ...) 2- ip.content blocks used in all apps , so in my opinion it is better to move blocks css to ipb_styles.css , if this done .so no more required to edit ip.content css file to make blocks fit the rest of the skin colors Best regards