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Status Updates posted by Aiwa

  1. On vacation till 9/16. Apologies in advance for any delayed support. 

  2. Away till December. Support for all mods will be unavailable till then. 

  3. Price reduction on almost all of my mods! Get them while the price is low!

    1. AndyF


      * likes *

  4. $likes = sqrt(2) *1000;

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OctoDev


      M8, how do i even contact you lol

    3. Aiwa


      My inbox was full. I've cleared it out now.

    4. OctoDev
  5. You know you're a workaholic when your boss kicks you out of the building when he catches you wearing the same outfit from yesterday and you are mysteriously the first person in the office.

    1. Woodsman


      You know it when the boss buys you a robe because you forgot to get dressed.

    2. Mario Thomas

      Mario Thomas

      Jajaja very funny :)

      After reading this I'm starting to feel guilty now everytime I send a ticket to the support team... :(

    3. Aiwa


      Oh. haha. I don't work for IPS, I'm a volunteer. This happened at my day job. Keep sending IPS those tickets! :)

  6. I wish I had the power to fire people... The shear incompetance of some people that don't know what they don't know and think they know. A smart person knows what they don't know.

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    2. AndyF


      Your status / comment confuses me but OK. :)

    3. Aiwa


      You know what you don't know, right?

    4. AndyF
  7. I like the new avatar... That's awesome.

  8. Been a LONG weekend... Happy to be home and to get back to work...

    1. Hardes Inc.

      Hardes Inc.

      Very good aiwa, welcome

  9. woohoo! iPhone 5 / iOS 6 support for the mobile app!

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