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Entry Comments posted by Adriano Faria

  1. @Matt @Esther E.

    Nit sure everything is listed in the content listener, but would be helpful to listen when a user:

    - react/unreact to a content (specially this one which is a trait).

    - follow/unfollow a content.

    In both, returning member ID, content type (global, not per app) and content ID.

    Probably there are more. I’ll make another post if I remember. 

    Thank you.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    We literally changed code this morning because of your feedback on adding a listener to base classes. 🤔

    True, thanks for this... but as you all already said, we can't say much now as we haven't the big picture yet. So waiting...

  3. 12 minutes ago, teraßyte said:

    Well, that's it for me for now. I won't say anything further until there is more info about those "awesome tools" you mentioned. But I don't have much hope for them.

    Me too. Anything we say won't have any effect. As you said yesterday, I hoped we would be heard before it started.

    Hoping the UIExtension will be a game-changer. 👍

  4. 10 minutes ago, SeNioR- said:

    So half or more of the plugins/apps will be removed from the marketplace 🥲

    They will be there for a couple of years for those who won’t jump in V5 right away.

    File edits will be back with resources being sold in dev’s board. And for those who use marketplace and can’t use FTP, will get limited resources.

    But there’s no doubt it will be the end of this marketplace and I truly believe that’s what IPS is after for a while now.

    Just now, SeNioR- said:

    Controversial topic, I like it. 🫢 Adriano, good luck with the update over 300 resources 😁

    I haven’t decided yet if I will keep developing for IPS, as I told somewhere else… and I must confess the answer its getting clear at every blog entry. 

    Anyway, if I remain, certainly will reduce from 300 to 50 maximum, due to… framework limitations. 😂

  5. Matt, could you clarify exactly what you mean with “less”. As far as we can see, there won’t be ways to use hooks anymore. Is that right? I don’t see the Hooks tab in dev center.

    What you’re calling listeners that is fired in specific events can’t be called hooks at all, so I guess that’s the reason for such confusion. At least to me. 

    Once and for all, will we be able to hook in class?

    Thank you.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    We will be removing the block on base classes and you'll be able to add listeners to \IPS\Content\Item (or Comment or Review).

    Thank you. 👏👍

    Still, remove the ability to hook is a huge step back and will make marketplace even worse and smaller but I guess that’s the point after all. A massive number of resources are dead.

    We’re basically back to IP.Board 2 (file edits will be required for custom jobs as we can’t hook) and IP.Board 3 (back to hook points era). 

    Anyway, just my feedback. Not trying to annoy anyone; just my honest feedback.


  7. 14 minutes ago, Matt said:

    In this case, just create a listener for every applications Review class. This allows you to be intentional what you want to happen for each class and application. So you can still create this app in v5.

    So the answer is no as there is no HOOKS tab anymore. So resources from now on will extend only official apps that I have in my license. If the user has another 3rd-party resource, it won’t work anymore because I don’t have all the marketplace resources out there to add listeners since it checks for the class. 

    Great improvement. 

  8. Am I still allowed to hook in \IPS\Content\Item, for example?

    “NOTE: You can only create a listener on an implemented Item/Comment/Review class. You cannot listen on \IPS\Content\Item”

    There are resources that extends the global class, like this or this. These are suite resources, not single apps resources.

    Thank you.

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