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Entry Comments posted by Adriano Faria

  1. 6 hours ago, Esther E. said:

    Technically the cart will accept any item, you'd just have to add the button on your end to add it to the cart.

    And a button will be available on Downloads to accomplish that?

  2. Hello,

    I don't think my question is related to Menus or if there will be a new blog entry to cover it. I'll ask anyways.

    Will we be able to add buttons to the items view, like in the topic view (red area)?


    Thank you.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    Listeners don't return any data at all. I'm not quite following the question, can you please clarify? 

    I need to move users to another group when they make a purchase a file in Downloads. Is there any way to get that information?

    An achievement rule could be an easy way to do it but there isn’t such a rule currently.

  4. @Esther E.


    Invoice Listener

    An Invoice listener is fired only on the \IPS\nexus\Invoice class. This listener does not require you to specify a class to extend.

    The Invoice listener includes a single method, onStatusChange. This is fired when the invoice is saved and the status changes (pending/paid/expired/canceled).

    Just to confirm: will this return all data from the invoice? I mean, I need at least the i_items, to see if the invoice belongs to a purchase of a Downloads file.

    Thank you.

  5. 20 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    we allowed for listeners on base classes, like \IPS\Content\Item.

    Base classes (topic, file, etc) or global (\IPS\Content\Item). Kinda confusing it. We need to make it globally.

    20 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    I'm not sure what other suggestions you're referring to regarding listeners. Was there something specific?

    - Visit a profile:

    When will be the "point"? It's missing only nodes in UI Extensions. As Member isn't a node, I'm wondering.


    - Ignore/stop ignoring something (posts/messages/mentions).

    So what is the outcome of the discussion?

  6. Basically, I have a content item that has a "privacy" column. If it is private, it shows to the item creator only; public shows to everyone. I can't use my getItemsWithPermission() because, you know, it is static so I can't check the author against the logged member. Even if I could use it, I wouldn't use it because the item must be accessible by direct link. It just can't be listed.

  7. 1 minute ago, Esther E. said:

    Most things are still doable. Some things are not. It's "wait and see" right now.

    Come on, it’s exactly the opposite. Some are possible. Most won’t be. 

    Bookmarking this to use later. 👍

    I will make a list of my resources that will not be possible to update, after initial tests on V5, of course.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

    But for other applications, where you'll have to use the UIItem Extension, you're able to place it at the beginning or end

    So I assume this check:

    {{if ( $topic->canPin() or $topic->canUnpin() or $topic->canFeature() or $topic->canUnfeature() or $topic->canHide() or $topic->canUnhide() or $topic->canMove() or $topic->canLock() or $topic->canUnlock() or $topic->canDelete() or $topic->availableSavedActions() or $topic->canMerge() or $topic->canUnarchive() or $topic->canRemoveArchiveExcludeFlag() or \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->modPermission('can_view_moderation_log') or $topic->canToggleItemModeration() ) or ( $topic->isFutureDate() and $topic::canFuturePublish( NULL, $topic->container() ) ) or ( $topic->hidden() == -2 AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->modPermission('can_manage_deleted_content') )}}

    for topics, for example, won't be necessary anymore as I can make the checking for each entry in the extension, right?

    This is a limitation that prevents us from adding links in the Action menu.

  9. Am I able to add a new entry in any position in the content item menu or only in the first/last position? See this example:


    It wouldn't make much sense to add this specific links after the Moderator History.

  10. A few examples: 



    There are a ton from other devs. Everywhere. For the most varied reasons and purposes.

    Anyway, this is just to confirm that this will not be the game-changer; it was expected and I really don’t want to enter in another debate like the first blog entry. That’s all I have to say. 👍

  11. I suppose the most used menus, like moderation ones (pin/unpin, feature/unfeature, etc.) probably are already there, right? Or do we need to create all links for our content items?

  12. 44 minutes ago, annadaa said:

    because if I understand the plugins will no longer be available as is but the applications yes

    I’ll try.

    Plugins don’t. Applications will. Everything you could do with a plugin, you always could with an application because both used hooks; it was powerful and you could do basically everything. Hooks are removed in V5. It won’t be possible anymore and it’s been replaced by a hook-points system (a.k.a. Listeners) and a UIExtension, which we don’t know as they didn’t blog about it yet. It will be more limited/restricted, no doubt.  Matt said, you can do a lot, but you can’t do everything you could before. The doubt now is how much limited it is compared to hooks.

    Translating to marketplace resources: my guess is that a few (compared to the totality) applications/plugins will be fully upgraded to V5. Some will be upgraded but will lost some functionalities (due to hooks it may have today) but vast majority don’t, at least in first moment; improvements will be necessary along the way.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Get your popcorn and have a seat. Only time will tell.

    47 minutes ago, annadaa said:

    you want to create an LMS then at least leave the possibility to the developers to improve it and make it better than learn dash from word press

    Marketplace rules will change for V5. 3rd-party devs probably will be allowed to create similar resources. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, Matt said:

    There has been a shift downwards in new applications for sure. I think that is just a byproduct of the forum market maturing and changing. 

    Probably... and due to that, the devs get tired of releasing new stuff and it gets a couple of purchases. There is certainly more to it than that.

  14. 12 hours ago, Esther E. said:

    This can be handled with a Member listener onProfileUpdate (change to pp_last_visitors)

    I don't think this is enough, though. If a member is logged anonymously, the visit isn't registered.

  15. 19 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    Good ideas, we've started a list.

    For member listener:

    - Visit a profile

    - Ignore/stop ignoring something (posts/messages/mentions).

    - Enable/disable messenger

    All the stuff I’m suggesting is to replace code hooks from existing apps/plugins.

    Thank you.

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