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Subject: Issue with OAuth 2.0 Authorization on Developer Forum

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Hello Team!

We are encountering an issue with attaching OAuth 2.0 authorization through our service. We have added a new method within the "Login & Registration" section, specifying the following parameters:

Grant Type: Authorization Code
Client Authentication: HTTP Basic

Authorization Endpoint: https://my-auth-service.com/oauth/authorize
Token Endpoint: https://my-auth-service.com/oauth/token
User Information Endpoint: https://my-auth-service.com/oauth/owner

The authorization process proceeds correctly until a certain step. After filling out the form with data in our service, we are redirected to the page https://my-forum.com/oauth/callback/?code={CODE}&state={STATE}.

According to OAuth 2.0 protocol, we should extract the code from the query parameter and request authorization tokens. However, the issue lies in the fact that the page https://my-forum.com/oauth/callback/?code={CODE}&state={STATE} does not prompt for these tokens.

Could you please assist us in identifying where the problem lies and how we can rectify it?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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