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Third part hooks issues and can't uninstall the app

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11 minutes ago, Prof Diogo Moreira said:

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Those third part hooks are causing several issues and when I click to uninstall the app it returns HTTP ERROR 500.

I just can't uninstall the app and my forum went down.


You need to get the updated version: https://ipsappzone.com/file/1-chatbox/

You better ask to @onlyME how to redeem your purchase key.

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1 hour ago, Prof Diogo Moreira said:

But I don't wan't to renew. I just want to uninstall it.

Then you’ll have to edit the files with issues. After that you will be able to uninstall it.

The screenshot you posted is a list of hooks. You need to see the files with issues in the PHP8 Scanner something in the ACP -> System -> Support.

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Connect to your server with FTP (or use the file manager from your server's control panel).

Find the file in the SUBCLASS/HOOK FILE column, search for the method listed in the METHOD function, and compare its parameters to the ones in the base file in the column BASE CLASS FILE.


If you're unsure how to edit the files (no PHP knowledge, etc), you should ask someone who knows what they're doing to help you.

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