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Guest Group Issue

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I'm having an issue on my LIVE forum, as well as, the new Test Install forum. I cannot edit any options in the Guest Group. The groups: Admin, Members and Moderator works fine.

Screenshot of the error, and how to do a possible fix for this.  Thanks.

Edited to update the version: This is with v4.7.15


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Hmmm - actually, this looks like it could be reproducible without strict mode involved...

Ignore that - it's only reproducible with strict mode enabled on mySQL

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For the guest group, the g_mod_post_unit evaluates to NULL in applications\core\extensions\core\GroupForm\Content.php because it's not present on the form:

if( $group->g_id != \IPS\Settings::i()->guest_group ){
	$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Custom( 'g_mod_post_unit'......

...but the Save function doesn't take that into account:

/* Mod Queue */
$group->g_mod_post_unit = isset( $values['g_mod_post_unit'][2] ) ? 0 : $values['g_mod_post_unit'][0];

Not an issue if not using strict mode.

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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Just to answer this - nothing is being changed; just saving the group with strict mode on will trigger the error.

Got there now once you mentioned it is still while on strict. I wasnt 🙂 Its not "strictly" (pun intended lol) to do with that. Its an incorrect null value being passed, but thats for the devs to sort

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