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Forum not functioning well with Chrome browser

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We have been having problems getting the Chrome browser to function with our forum. Firefix and Safari seem to work fine. Proximate cause is that the page's Javascript isn't getting called for click events. The forum is hosted on its own server and is running the current version. We are NOT using a content delivery network. This seems to have mysteriously appeared with a Chrome update. 

We were hoping that updating to the current version would rectify the problem but it hasn't. 

Any hints/guidance appreciated. 

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5 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

Also fyi… this makes the assumption your hosting provider supports https for your site. IPB can’t install/configure SSL on your server. It only can change the links that the software generates from http to https.  

Once you change this value, you may need to clear your site cache from the ACP in the support section. 

Thank you! This host will support SSL cert(s). We turned off http to https redirect earlier, and it helped some. But, I think a lot of our users have an https shortcut. 

Right now, it seems like the right solution is to edit the conf_global file, and reactivate the HTTPS redirection. That should keep Chrome happy and uncomplaining. 

And thank you for pointing out the cache clear requirement. 

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Yes, you want to have IPB manage making links https instead of using htaccess or something similar to redirect. Chrome does not see the redirect until the response and as a result, it can complain when the button or link is clicked initially. 

Basically make sure SSL is installed/configured for the domain on the server and then modify the conf_global.php and everything should be good!  Clearing the system cache just makes sure any system links get updated quickly so those http links get fixed sooner. 🙂 

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