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Need Help with the Forums while transfer to PHP 8.0 version

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Hi there,

I am facing one very wired thing here. I have created staging website of current forum and set up it on 8.0 PHP version and it's started throwing errors. I have tried to find the solutions but I didn't get any success yet. I am getting error like no files or directory found. I suspect this problem might be occurred due to folder path or database but I have changed the path and the error is still remains the same. So, it would be best if someone will assist me with sort out this it would be great.
I have attached screenshot as well as live and staging URL:
Live URL: http://www.thelabelmachine.com/forums
Staging URL: http://labelmachinstg.wpenginepowered.com/forums

Issue Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/Av6VhTKjAovI

I am really appreciate your help in advanced.
I am looking forward to your support.
Thank you.

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16 hours ago, Miss_B said:

Can you please post the precise error message(s) that you are getting, or a screenshot of the error(s)?

Please see this error msg: https://prnt.sc/Av6VhTKjAovI

15 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Check you have updated anything you need to within your constants.php file, as well as your conf_global.php file

I have already changed the necessary URLs and phpmyadmin credentials, but still In am getting the error

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Thanks For the Reply and for giving me the file. 
I have run the file that you have mentioned. See the file status here: https://prnt.sc/Ld9ImqIzJt9X

There is one below warning and everything is good 

  • MySQL connection could not be established to perform version check. Make sure your MySQL Server version is 5.5.3 or above (5.6.2 or above recommended).

So please let me know Do I need to change the MySQL version?
Please check the below URLs:
Live: https://thelabelmachine.com/forums/ips4.php

Please remember I am having an issue with the staging site.

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