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Possible to add link under avatar or location?

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We have a section of our forum where members are allowed to leave feedback for each other. Each member with feedback has one thread that is for all feedback replies. 

I've seen forums with a similar set-up using ProBoards software, and they are able to add a link in the area below any member's avatar who has a feedback thread. This links right to the feedback thread and saves members having to locate it themselves. Here is what it looks like in ProBoards (red arrow pointing at the link):

Could contain: Text

Currently, this is what the same area in our Invision community looks like:

Could contain: Person, Text, File, Page

Is there a way to add a link, maybe under the "Location" or something?

Thanks in advance!

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2 hours ago, David N. said:

Here's how I did it: 

That looks like it might be perfect. However, the example/directions are missing from the first response showing which field was changed. Where do I get to that option?

Thanks so much!

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1 hour ago, David N. said:

I followed @opentype's instructions in the post that is marked as the solution to my question (green frame). 

Yes, I've got that up. But I can't find where to add a new field -- and it looks like the original screencap is missing.

Thanks so much for your help, because I think this will be exactly what I'm looking for.

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Thanks so much! I've almost got this figured out. The guide is perfect.

One more question here -- 

I'm experimenting with this on one of the Admin accounts. I've got the field showing, and the link to the appropriate thread is there and working:

Could contain: Baseball Cap, Cap, Hat, Head, Person, Photography, Portrait, Advertisement, Poster, Text

Is there a way, though, to edit that to show a hyperlink, rather than the whole lengthy URL?

I'm just thinking simple -- after the "Feedback:" <a href="{threadURL}">Link</a>

Is that possible? Currently, I have the Field Type on URL, and the default formatting option.

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