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Issues moving IPBoard to new subdomain.

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I have changed the subdomain for my wordpress site that links to IPBoard, but I have been gaving difficuly trying to relink IPBoard.

I have had the license to the old site removed, and copied the 'community' folder into the public_html folder for the new sub-domain. After reading a post on the forum I then edited the base_url in the conf_global.php file to the new subdomain.

From what I have read, I need to now enter the license key in the AdminCP. However, I cannot access it from the Wordpress site and I do not know how to access it.

i would appreciate any help.

Thanks, Wayne

PS When moving the site, I used the Siteground 'move application' which did not require any changes to the database, so I do not think that is the issue.


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7 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Do you have a .htaccess file in the root of your site? If so, what are the contents?

Thank you for your email. The .htaccess file pointed to the old subdomain. I have changed it to the new subdomain.

I was then able to get into admin and change the License using mysite.com/community/admin

i appreciate your help.

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