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File attachments giving errors.

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When clicking a attachment in the forum. Anyone have an ideas of what is causing this issue? 

Original like that is clicked, 


Url: it directs to,

https://content-restricted.invisioncic.com/monthly_05_2012/BMW EWS Editor Lite v3.pps.9c7a1686c951f5d140a145c9d921209a?response-content-disposition=attachment; filename=BMW EWS Editor Lite v3.pps&Expires=1671089789&Key-Pair-Id=K186TDY4WHSHHJ&Signature=a0-2tuE7~f2zvcE0hpuTjFY0BVUQeR1kaYhobvIt0~aZh6~orf76b4lnpJYjbjq-JU5A8hMYjPgK2vpNMzhG1UBU1Z3HZviZhSl521O9JkJeVI23CDS~70SeHpVR9481LUUX04PDuIyjMR5RXZ0OghAnKHQ0NwiL47pFddOL3-OV-cNmx1lHU12Btnm9qZySICLzBFIKuSQ78vD5HceY8L--Xb~wTW3Kp55keVP27oZmfNNqcUTgOGhyrZI7LzsgIg5hZpGX9ADnczy16hLDMRBYAkkiMTrtJdW6HHq4b4nnZD5UHsg-QKxXmu1IsCprTvOIipKWv3EArO4P0LgYdw__


This is the page error. 

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>




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17 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

That would generally indicate the attachment is no longer there.

I don't think you've noticed that the provided atachment link is missing the &key parameter which, if missing, means that the attachment won't be accessible even if it was there because a security check fails as a result - and will present the following message:

Could contain: File, Webpage, Page, Text


If it was me investigating this, I would be looking at the content that contains the attachment link, to determine if it is missing the key element there. If so then it was possibly posted in a version when the &key= element wasn't being added to attachment links due to an IPS bug that has since been resolved...but hey, that's me.



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On 12/15/2022 at 3:14 AM, Marc Stridgen said:

That would generally indicate the attachment is no longer there. Is this from a topic where that item was directly attached, or has someone added the link manually from elsewhere? I ask as if someone has done this, it can cause it to go missing when the original content is deleted

It is attached to a topic. Nothing we have is being deleted. 

I had someone upload an attachment and right after tried to view and we get the same error. 

Now I am getting reports that users are unable to attach anything to topics now. 

We are hosted with Invision, so I am not sure what to do from here. 

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