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User account totally blocks

Thomas T.

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An user change his email and due to the email server, never received the confirmation email.

To unblock his account, I change his email in the admin.

But he is not possible to login.

See the error 25129/4

I tried to connect as him and add the same thing and have to deleted all my cookie to come back to the board.

What we could do to free this account?



Could contain: Text, File

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Any help?

My member is still blocks!

He also try to create another account with a Gmail adress.

I received the creation, meaning he validate the process.

But when I went to admin member, he is not there! 😞

Meaning in the database maybe remember he used this adress before?

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2 hours ago, Thomas T. said:

Without answer, we create a third member and mix the first one and now it could connect with the new email.

Hope that if he changes for the old email in his profile it will not break all.


5 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I would need to know what that says above. Is this saying no user for validation? I would also need to know who the user is in order to take a look for you

Could you please confirm what my colleague mentioned? Unfortunately, we would not be able to confirm what you are stating here if we don't understand the original issue.

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