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Unable to turn on Manifest support

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When I attempt to turn on Manifest support, I get an error saying that the URL cannot be found:

Could contain: Text

However, the URL definitely exists as it's the most commonly visited URL on our website, showing the Latest Activity stream. 

I would assume that it would be possible to use the Latest Activity stream as the custom Start URL as this is the URL that makes the most logical sense out of any URL on the entire platform. 

What could be causing this to happen?

(I've used the exact format mentioned in the description)


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Hi everyone. Coming back after a long pause on this feature. We finally enabled it in our community. However, we haven't been able to input the "latest activity" feed as the main page (/discover URL). 


That page does not appear to be available to guests, which is likely causing your issue

As I stated before this is correct, but we're a private community so guests should not be able to see anything at all. 
Is there a workaround for we can input this private page as the start URL? 


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