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RSS Feed Import Post IP Address


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We have a couple of RSS Feeds that are being imported to Forums on our site and everything is working great.  No problems with the Feeds and setup was easy.  All Feed imports use the same User account as the Author, which is a dedicated User account ("NewsFeed") that is not used by any 'real' user.

However, we have noted that the IP Address recorded for the Feed Posts in the forum use what appear to be another User's IP Address.  In all cases, the IP Address has been used by other User - so they aren't truly random.  While there is no real harm per-se, it is confusing for Moderators and Admins that are attempting to trace activity for specific Users across the system.

I would suggest using either the Forum's host IP Address or the IP Address of the RSS Feed's host when recording the Address in the RSS Feed Post.  This would remove the 'random' appearance of addresses and should eliminate any confusion of commonality with other Users.



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Believe it may be using the IP address of the user who your background task ran under that populates it. I can see how this may lead to confusion, I will bring this up internally. If you switch to running background tasks with cron, believe it uses the server IP address.

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