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No notifications for new club topics

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This is probably works as designed. But...

We have the lot of clubs on the site. The club members are subscribed to the club and club forum (club feature). If a new topic is posted in the club, the members who have not logged in more than three months, do not get any notification about new topics in the clubs. Even if they log in after 4 months. Nor in the notification list, neither per e-mail. Nothing. They do not check clubs and do not see that someone asks something there.

We have club members that create new topics in older clubs, but nobody replies. Is there any possibility to inform subscribed club members about new topics per e-mail? I know that I can change notifications throughout the entire site. 

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But this has an impact on entire forums. And the active members are just annoyed when I change email to “enabled by default”. They immediately start to mark email notifications as spam, instead of unsubscribe. And this hurts our email reputation.

Still, I would like to inform "sleeping" club members, there is a new topic in the club. They probably would return to the community to answer the question. But they never return or answer if they are never notified.

Is there any possibility to achieve it?

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I have figured it out. There were probably no notifications as the topic has been created through splitting of the old one. It seems like if we split a topic and a new one is created, there is no notification for this new.

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