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No cross linking for imported items from RSS


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I have Database #1 where cross-linking from a database relationship field in Database #2 is enabled. The items in Database #2 are imported via RSS. While configuring RSS I have set a database-relationship field properly. Result: the items are imported, and the database relationship field is filled as desired. But there is no cross-linking for the imported items. I have to open and resave them to get the cross-linking shown.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a Database #1
  2. Create a Database #2
  3. Add a custom database relationship field to Database #2 referencing Database #1
  4. Enable cross-linking for the field
  5. Import records via RSS (AdminCP -> RSS Import) into Database #2, set the database relationship field to some record in Database #2 while configuring RSS import
  6. Issue: See the records in Database #1 after RSS import, there is no cross-linking
  7. Open a record in Database #2 and save it without changing it. The cross-linking appears.


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Yes. Login into the selected project using the login credentials in the Client Area.

The database Tutorials reference AI writers. Tutorials are imported via RSS. No cross-linking for the recently imported records in AI writers. I use a customized database template, but you can switch to the default display template, to see there is no cross-linking also in default. Please switch the template back after you have tested it.

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All RSS feeds behave the same. The cross-links that you see in AI Writer derive from re-saved records in Tutorials.  I am not comfortable posting links in public. If you need a concrete example, please PM me or create a ticket.

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