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Remove LightBox Links from post images


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This is something that has been bothering me for some time now. Why E V E R Y image on a post must be thumb nailed and posted with a lightbox link?  WHY?
I know it is like this for long time now but still, it makes no sense to me. That would only make sense if only puts lightbox on images bigger than my upload limits. Not for smaller images like this one:



Someone knows anything that can prevent that? Some configuration that i didn't found it, any plugins, anything?

Thank you.

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Allow HTML posting for admins, then add the appropriate HTML code to post a normal image in the source.

It's a chore but seems to be the only workaround we have.

I wouldn't allow this for normal users though. (Security)

There should be an easy way to post as many images as we want, as easy and quickly as possible with or without light box.

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