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Push notifications for both platforms?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Desktop: Google Chrome, Windows 10 and Windows 11 also tried Brave. That didn't go well at all.

Mobiles: Samsung S20 Ultra, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung S8+, Samsung A21s and various other Android devices all with Google Chrome.

I have enabled it and in Chrome it reports that it will be using push notifications. Although interestingly in Brave the button is there to enable, I click on it, and nothing happens, except for it tells me that the browser will ask for X and it did, I click allow - but nothing else happens. Refresh the page, button appears again, clicked it, tells me it will ask for X - no longer does and hangs there until I refresh the page and it's repeat-ad-nausuem. Maybe Brave doesn't support it, but Google Chrome absolutely should. (All latest versions by the way)

I just realised that I've kind of hijacked someone elses topic here, so perhaps this might not be the best place for it. Either way I submitted a support request to IPS via Email. So it's in their hands at the moment.

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