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Hump Day: A couple orders of business

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Hey team, another fine Hump Day is upon us. 

A couple orders of business before we dive into the latest round of 4.6 fixes and updates: 

1.) Have you voted in the Star Trek vs Star Wars poll? V V important. 

Its A Trap Movie GIF by Star Wars


2.) We'd love to feature your community! In case you missed the giant green bar at the top of the page (😆), check out this topic. We want to showcase your wins and successes and hopefully entice others to join Invision Community. If you feel a little uncomfortable to write a few sentences out for whatever reason, please reach out to me. I'd love to help you. 🙏 


4.6 (with Achievements) is most definitely still in the works, as is a Live Q&A for you all to participate in (more details on that to come!).

Here's our weekly roundup of new fixes: 

- Fixed an issue where uninstalling an application wouldn't delete the associated rss feed import data.

- Fixed an issue where deleting a database wouldn't delete the associated rss feed import data.

- Fixed issue where poll choices are cleared because poll question title is empty on Edit Topic submit.

- Fixed an issue where topics marked manually for unarchiving would not be processed.

- Fixed an issue where banned members could see that there are announcements, but could not read the announcement.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please drop us a line! 

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