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Hump Day: gallery, blog and forum fixes for 4.6

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Hey IC fam, is it just me or does it feel like every morning I wake up and it's Wednesday. No more Mondays or Fridays, just Wednesdays. The weeks are flying by 🤯 

Maybe it's cause we're hard at work on 4.6 and the Achievements system.

I personally had a chance to play around with Achievements and it's super powerful and sleek. Without giving away too much, it's seamless and intuitive. If you are even semi-familiar with the admin panel (which I imagine many of you are 😆) then you'll pick things up rather quick. 

Below is a list of new fixes we made for 4.6 in the last few days:

- Fixed sitemaps not generating properly.
- Fixed an issue where font-sizes on mobiles weren't following the Font Scale setting. (FORUMS)
- Fixed an issue where users may not see the correct page after checkout if email validation is in use. (GALLERY)
- Subscriptions Grace Period setting will now allow a value of 0.
- Fixed an issue where AdminCP theme resource may continuously be written to disk.
- Improved performance of session handling.
- Fixed the hardcoded "Change how the notification is sent" text with the notification. (BLOG)


In case you missed last Wednesday's Hump Day post, tap here. Blink and it'll be Wednesday again! If we're lucky 🙂

Have any questions? Comments? Drop us a line. 

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You know what would be interesting? A list of fixes that have been prioritized and are getting attention.

It's really appreciated getting the updates and while it's a shorter list than previous weeks, there are hints of some major hurdles overcome when looking at the types of items resolved.

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