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Split Payments (Site and Member)

Ocean West

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Here is a concept / idea...

Members who wish to sell something using the store (not here but in our respective sites) They would have a place in their user page to add their own PayPal or Stripe, etc. payment API info. 

When the member adds their merchandise to the store they are prompted to choose their own Payment Processor. 

When another member makes a purchase based on the rules your store has if they sold something for $25.00 the system would compute the charge and send the commission to designated site owners account such as $3 for Site and $22 to member the end user would see two separate transactions on their statement.

I've been seeing this more often when purchasing stuff around the web where I get two transactions - usually its the price plus a fee but even still think something like this would cool.



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I think is this built in functionality, except for the part where you ask the member to supply their own payment processor.

This is how the Marketplace (Downloads) works here.

You've seen other examples online where a person selling something provides API credentials for a payments processor account as a condition of selling things? Can you provide some here?

With the built in option, my understanding is that the full purchase price is handled by the processor(s) chosen by the site administrator, and then payouts for the earnings that aren't the site's commission are made via a separate payouts transaction.

I'd be concerned about the risk of dealing with an unknown number of payment processor accounts. Maybe certain payment systems support something like this though?

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I think what IPS has is a chained payment setup and what you suggest @Ocean West is a parallel payment.

It would require a change in the logic since those are different ways to manage the processing. You can see a description of the ways they are handled in PayPal here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/archive/adaptive-payments/integration-guide/APIntro/

You probably want a fallback if the parallel payment fail, or there is an issue with the seller account, so you can go with a chained payment instead.

I have used Parallel payments before when setting up a drop-ship website, and it works quite well. I am not sure if it will be as easy to have multiple recipients, but I do not see why it should not be possible 🙂

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