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Duplicate User Detector

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Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, but I don't see which one would be more appropriate. 

Since - for a reason that completely eludes me - IPS has no system implemented to easily deal with banned users opening a new user (there is one, but it has to be accessed manually via the user's page in the ACP), it looks like we need to make on.

What we need is a "duplicate user" detector that will pop a notification / open a thread in a dedicated forum / send an email / any other method of notifying the site staff when a registered user registers a new alias. 
The plugin HAS TO take NO ACTIVE ACTION besides notifying the staff about the issue (since not all duplicate users will have actions taken against them).

It CAN'T be IP based since those are always changing, it CAN be cookie based, but it would be even better if it's based on something that isn't as easily bypassed.


Any ideas/offers? 
Thanks, and may your days be forever awesome.

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18 minutes ago, Pavel Chernitsky said:

also from I gather, the dev gives lackluster support, and the plugin give way too much usability compared to what I need.

its really not the support, most people come to me wanting me to add something in that is highly illegal to track members (like implementing a JS lib that exploits browser vulnerabilities, to insert tracking code in it) or to track ETAGS, or implement a system based on IP's, when IP's are possibly the least reliable things in the world when it comes to VPN's, open networks available at every cafe and bar this side of the mississippi or when often same cell phone towers will give identical IP's to the different users. then they get upset when i explain to them i wont do it due to its illegality. 

There are also times i don't address issues, either cause it isn't an issue or the issue was mentioned in a negative review and they never contacted me in any way other than the review (or they complain about the one topic i have to support my handful of apps).

I also get bombarded with features that are very use case and don't have any added marketability to the app itself, i am always open to ideas for improving it, but they have to be ideas that i feel also add value to the app. as it stands its a very simplistic app, to give you a basic idea if accounts are being shared or dupes are being used, or banned members attempting to ban evade, its not an end all be all app, as i mentioned before, a lot of those techniques to make it that, are a lot of illegal in most of the western world. 


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@CodingJungle Thanks for clarifying all that! I really did get a completely different impression from the reviews and the support topic. It's really great to see this wasn't written by someone who isn't active anymore or just does the bare minimum to keep the plugin alive and rake in all the monies. I'm very very glad you made it clear this isn't the case. 

That being said, I still think the app offers more than what I need (and frankly costs more than I can spend). If you could make a "lite", or "cheepo" version of it, that'd be brilliant.

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1 hour ago, Pavel Chernitsky said:

@Miss_B Looks great, Does it notify the admins when a duplicate account is registered? Or do they have to manually go into the list and search through the accounts?

In other words - how do I, as an admin, get the information about the duplicate users?

There is no notification about duplicate members. You can view them at the duplicate members list.

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