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Upgrade IPB 4.5

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29 minutes ago, sonimik1 said:

Can I update with all applications and plugins disabled to avoid problems?

All plugins and applications have to be updated or can some work?

Thank you very much for the reply.

The 4.5 upgrader will automatically disable any applications and plugins that are installed during the upgrade. Unless the developer has released an update on the Marketplace that specifically states that it is compatible with 4.5, you should assume your plugins, themes, and applications will not work. After you've finished the upgrade process, you will go through an onboarding process to link with the new Marketplace feature. Due to a known issue, you will need to check for updates multiple times, depending on how many resources you have installed, and then install any available updates.

I strongly recommend doing a test upgrade with a copy of your site to see what has changed, test what you have and whether or not it still works, and look at how any changes to your themes may be incompatible. The jump from 4.4 to 4.5, in general, is greater than you might otherwise assume and is rather significant.

If you are self-hosted (not using IPS cloud):

You should make a full backup of your file systems and database and ensure you can successfully restore them before performing the upgrade. The only way to revert to the previous version is to restore from your upgrade.

If you are an IPS Cloud customer:

You should ask them using whatever support channels they give you for help and guidance on making sure you can restore from backup if needed. No idea how any of that works. Restoring from backup is still the only way to go back, yet someone else is running and scheduling all that for you.

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Is this not? 



But it doesn't let me modify "test URL"



Sorry, there is a problem

There seems to still be an installation of Invision Community at the URL on file. Before you can change the URL, you must first remove the existing installation.

Error code: R02

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