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Hey everyone,

I came across a good plugin on vBulletin and was wondering if anyone could make a similar one for IPB.
The features and other details about this plugin can be found here - https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=321690

I think it allows you to only store one explanation per word but is it possible to have multiple details about a single word?

For example : 

A dog is a very friendly animal
(In this if we wish to abbreviate 'Dog', can we show multiple details in bullets?) If someone hovers the mouse on the word 'Dog' it should show up a few options. 1. Explanation of the word, 2. Some link to Wikipedia or something.

P.S : I already have Custom Links by @DawPi already installed and it needs to be able to work together instead of having a conflict or it can have the option of showing multiple bulleted options when hovering on a word.

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There was another method i looked at one time that you could do it with the CKEditor and it would look your acronym and translate it on the fly to the person typing.

But i could not figure out how to add it to the forums.




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5 hours ago, opentype said:

And just to be sure you didn’t miss it: There is a stock “acronym” feature in the software already and there are improvements of it in 4.5. 

I liked the Keyword tooltips application but they don't have an option for formatting which sucks. I checked out the above feature and it does the job amazingly well! I am going to use that, thank you for the suggestion!

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