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On 3/23/2020 at 4:45 PM, Adriano Faria said:

First make a backup of your database.

In your SQL Toolbox (Admin CP) or PHPMyAdmin (host panel):


alter table core_members drop column fav_games;


hi mate, I have same problem while sign up, but have not see any column like fav_games; in my sql core_members. any other solution form anyone?

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On 9/10/2023 at 6:06 AM, ejoy said:

hi there i cannot get rid from this problem at all. what is the solution please? the problem is still either Something went wrong. Please try again. or you are not permitted to register a suer account with this site. 

This is a ban message. So people are either being caught in the spam service, or you have other ban filters in place. So you need to check both of those

You do need to bear in mind, if thats while testing yourself, you are likely getting caught by the spam filter. You are registering over and over so it thinks you are spam. You would need to whitelist yourself if testing

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