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Downloads - Two Buttons once Purchased.

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Hi All.  Hopefully this is a simple fix or a missed setting that I'm not seeing.

When a member buys a file, and they go back to the file page and it shows 2 buttons "Download This file" and a "Buy Now" button (screenshot below).  But since they bought it once, I don't want them to buy it again.  Is there a setting that I'm missing that hides the "Buy Now" button once the file has been purchased?  It has caused a lot of confusion with my members, several of which have bought the file several times.

I've reset my theme just in case there was something altered, but the problem remains.  I'm on v4.4.9.1.

Thanks for the help.




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@Jordan InvisionI know this is more of a bug than an idea, but I would be keen to hear your thoughts on this. 

Surely there should be the option to hide the 'buy now' button after someone has purchased it, since a lot of Downloads files are not things that need a license and to be bought multiple times.


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