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Stream Thumbnail Images of Attachments?


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Hi friends -

I'm curious if there is a way to show thumbnail images on the activity stream directly?  I believe this will help increase user engagement and the likely hood of someone clicking on a topic they might not have otherwise clicked on based on the user generated title alone.  I see this a lot with respect to our stats on our mobile apps and wanted to see if we could implement something similar on the activity stream. 

I searched the archives of topics and market place but wasn't able to find anything relating specifically to this request. 

If there is no option for this, I'd be happy to talk with any developer here who would like to take on such a paid project.

Thanks again -


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Yes, that is very nice.  Pretty much what I am looking for.  Just purchased it.  Thanks @onlyME!  I'm wondering if there is any way to include those thumbnails in the CONDENSED version of the stream as well?  Perhaps something like this:


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