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Sideways pictures - again

Square Wheels

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12 hours ago, Jim M said:

Likely something happened to Exif module in PHP on your server. Go to ACP > System > Support > System Check, ensure the Exif PHP module is green. 

That was it.  It wasn't compiled with 7.2 which I forgot up recently upgraded to.  Thanks for pointing me in the direction to get this fixed.

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6 hours ago, bfarber said:

If you're using ImageMagick, or you are using GD and Exif is enabled, then you would need to submit a ticket for us to be able to investigate.

Thank you.  It looks like the EXIF extension was disabled (again) - now fixed.  The host claims that ImageMagick was also enabled, but when I look at the phpinfo file, I can't see it, also I cannot select it in the ACP, safe to assume it was not enabled?


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1) If you're familiar with using your browser developer tools, you can monitor the network tab during the upload to see the actual full server response and verify if maybe something like a PHP error is occurring and printing out (which the javascript controller is then just showing as the -200 error). This might clue you or your host in to the issue, possibly.

2) Alternatively, you may have something logged in your PHP or webserver error logs. Particularly if the issue is only happening when using ImageMagick, I would be inclined to guess that something is going on outside of the software's control (in which case something might be in your logs), however more information is needed to determine that for sure.

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