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Concatenate in query


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Hello, how can I use concatenate in query SELECT ? 

I have this query : $row = \IPS\Db::i()->select('*', 'cms_custom_database_' . \IPS\Settings::i()->site_ccd, array('member_id=?', \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id));

But this doesnt work .


Edit: How can I access variables in a file conf_global.php ? Because \IPS\Settings::i()->site_ccd return null, so this doesnt work

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Please take a look at the \IPS\Settings file:) You can't just use custom settings in the conf_global.php, you'll need to whitelist them via a hook

	public function getAllowedFields()
		return array( 'sql_host', 'sql_database', 'sql_user', 'sql_pass', 'sql_port', 'sql_socket', 'sql_tbl_prefix', 'sql_utf8mb4', 'board_start', 'installed', 'base_url', 'guest_group', 'member_group', 'admin_group' );


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Generally speaking, you shouldn't be adding settings to conf_global.php. You should add them via the developer center to a plugin or application (then you don't need to edit conf_global.php)

If that's not an option, you still need a plugin on \IPS\Settings to add your new setting to the getAllowedFields() method Daniel highlighted.

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