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1 minute ago, HelloWorld said:

Same here. I would like to submit a bug regarding to this discussion (below), but cannot create a ticket for the same reason than Genestoy.


Could you clarify why you're not able to create a ticket? Can't see any reason mentioned by Genestoy except that he reported it, but that it was never fixed.


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Not sure about why you write that. Seems like a display bug to me. If you do not want people to assume they can create bug reports using the Create menu, then don't add a "Bug" entry in this menu, or hide it when it is not relevant, or display a message when it should not be used.

I will follow Joel and Adriano's instructions, but you should admit that this is not very intuitive, and also, it is very common nowadays to open bug trackers on a permanent basis, not just during betas.

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