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Integrating Facebook Login


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Hi @Cemmos - No it's showing as live. I'm receiving this error:

(See attached) 

I am using the domain as: www.thrivingmusicians.com

I've tried thrivingmusicians.com, http://www.thrivingmusicians.com, and https://www.thrivingmusicians.com

I've followed the instructions to the T so I'm trying to figure out where I'm going wrong?

Thanks for the reply!


Screenshot 2018-02-23 07.42.55.png

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2 hours ago, TheThrivingMusician said:

Hi @Cemmos - No it's showing as live. I'm receiving this error:

Screenshot 2018-02-23 07.42.55.png

That specific error means you need to add your domain name to the App Domains portion under Settings > Basic:


As for strict mode (different error), go to Facebook Login settings under the PRODUCTS section and enter the below URL in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs portion:


For App Domains, you don't need http, but for the OAuth redirect you need to use it (I use both http and https in the OAuth field). Strict Mode is going to be forced in March, so best to get it over with now.

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Dear GoDaddy Support,

The SSL certificate on my site <include site url> doesn't match the name of my site, and therefore is not a valid SSL certificate for use and browsers etc are rejecting this as insecure. It's most likely the cause of an issue I have with integrating Facebook login on my site.

Can you help please?

etc. etc. etc.

Please don't tag me again - I seriously cannot help you any more than this. Get the SSL situation sorted out first, then revisit the Facebook issue if it's still not working.

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