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4.2.6 Search Issues


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I've reported these to IPB but posting here in case anybody else gets user reports of search issues and goes looking for answers.

Since upgrading to 4.2.6 searching private messages is broken - I'm seeing the same issue on the IPB forum as well so I don't think it's a specific issue with us.

Also, when searching the forum, if you change the sort by to 'Relevancy' it generates an error - I think this is connected with the private message searching above and I have also replicated that on this forum.

Hopefully it will be an easy fix.

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1 hour ago, SerialNoob said:

As for me, I literally can't find ANYTHING in certain sections of my forum.

Especially restricted section, I'm thinking that maybe it is due to permission or so...

@Stuart Silvester could you please tell me what settings could prevent a post from being found using search?


Archived content and content created before the search index cut off (if you've configured it) won't be returned in search results. If the phrase you're searching for contains a MySQL stopword the results may also not be complete. - https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/fulltext-stopwords.html - the list of stopwords is shorter for InnoDB tables, if your MySQL version supports InnoDB fulltext, you may also benefit from changing all of your tables to InnoDB ( if you haven't already done so).

We're currently testing changes to search here.


Of course, you're always welcome to submit a support ticket if you think that your community search isn't working correctly.

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