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With Sound Board you can:

  • Set a new default notification sound for your community.
  • Allow members to customize their notification sound.
  • Administrators can limit this ability to specific member groups.
  • Choosing only the guest user group will force everyone on to your new default customization sound.
  • Allow members' custom notification sounds to be playable on member profile pages.
  • Disable the public display for your more naughty members and their naughty notification sounds...

The playing of the notification sound flows as follows:
1) If a member has a custom sound, and has group permissions for a custom sound, that sound will play.
2) If not (no sound and/or no group permissions), and you have set a new default notification sound in the Sound Board ACP settings, that will play instead.
3) Otherwise, it will fall back to the IPS default notification sound.

Members with group permissions to have a custom notification sound have a menu option right in the usermenu drop down. Drag and drop MP3 and WAV files and that's all that's needed.

If you choose, you can toggle on the public display of a member's notification sound on the member's profile page. An HTML5 audio player holds the sound letting any visitor to the page the ability to hear it. This is a simple social feature, nothing more; a conversation starter or something along those lines. Naturally nothing will display unless the member is in a group that has permissions to have these custom sounds, and they actually have set one.

Does a member have a notification sound that is not quite up to your community standards but you still want people to have their notification sound on their profile pages? Go to the problem member's entry in the ACP and toggle this feature off for this member. They still get to use their custom notification sound, but your community won't be exposed to it.

Audio Formats/Limits:
MP3, WAV. More can be supported in no time at all but the initial release will be just these two. I have a 5 meg limit on file size as well - no real reason other than it seems reasonable. Can be removed if needed.

Install app, config under the customization tab in the ACP, enjoy.

This only changes the notification sounds that are sent out. It does nothing with the where/why/how of how notifications are generated. CIC users may need to be patient post install and after members add a custom notification sound as the CIC system takes a few minutes to duplicate/cache/CDN the sound file.

$5 to get, $5/6 months.  If you don't need support or a newer version feel free to skip one, renews are mainly a tip jar and to protect myself if IPS changes force me to work this over again.

Support available for the time being in the IPS Marketplace topic. PMs are ok but the topic is far better. Keep in mind most devs here have other lives - we often will read a PM but we may not actually reply for quite sometime; please be patient. You are allowed to use this, after purchasing a license and downloading this from the IPS Marketplace, on one live site and any test/dev sites you have. Additional live sites require additional license purchases. Renewals (per purchase) entitle you to updated versions and ongoing support. Skip a renew if you don't need a new version or support. Support is limited to the default IPS theme and is for IPS license holders current on the application/plugin renewals (with a generous grace period). I'll give a hand, time permitting, to help you figure out what is wrong with your custom theme if there is a conflict but fixes in those cases will need to be made by your theme provider. All rights reserved.


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Sorry everyone. IPS has altered the sound playing component of the notification system with 4.3 and it is now utterly untouchable by me. Sound Board does work with 4.3 but that is because they left behind the previous Javascript sound player and my mixin grabs enough of the notification controller to over-ride the new code. FYI using Sound Board with 4.3 also will likely bypass any end-user choices such as disabling notification sounds. If you can live with that, go ahead and keep using it. Otherwise, expect this to stop working completely in a future version of 4.3 (or later) when the legacy Javascript sound player is removed.

I'd love for this to keep working but there is nothing I can do. If you get a renewal notice, skip it.

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Gave this some more thought. There is a way... routing around the damage so to speak. Or rather, in more contemporary terms, "If you can't run from it, use it".

We'll see where it takes me in the morning; the actual thing is done, I just have to consider how to make it go where it needs to go.

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Pretty confident this is good to go. I can't release it right now as hilariously enough IPS unintentionally disabled sound playing with notifications with 4.3.1. Unless they go crazy with the fix (nothing to fix, they just overwrote a line of code unintentionally) 4.3 compatible version of SB will be out with 4.3.2.

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4 minutes ago, All Astronauts said:

Yep,  well it should once they actually fix playing sounds again. Thought the fix would be in 432, but alas no, and no sense in me releasing it until they fix things

Okay, I'll follow the topic and probably buy it once you report that it is fixed.  Is IPS aware of the issue?

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Yep. when I reported it, Stuart responded that he can confirm it is fixed and will be released in "an upcoming maintenance release"... which apparently was not 4.3.2 ?

I've followed up with another support request to find out if this was just missed or in a totally different dev line now (meaning the fix was never slotted for the 4.3.2 release).

They literally just removed the line that makes it happen, so maybe more junk is problematic behind the scenes and this was the easiest way to mitigate the damage short-term. ?‍♂️

I'm more surprised this hasn't sold as well as I thought it would. I'd think members setting their own custom notification sound would be a a "neat thing". Maybe I need to better state what it does...

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Turns out this was patched but they did it by doing the unexpected. It makes sense now but because the IPS universe is a cold uncaring place Sound Board got hilariously complicated again as now other stuff isn't loaded in the expected order so stuff I rely on isn't there when it needs to be.

It shouldn't be this hard but, here we are...

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See, this thing that was there is now in a totally new and different structure, and the spot this is thing is now at happens to be before another important thing and since its now before that other thing it can't read the other thing when it needs to because that other thing isn't there yet.


Took me while to figure that out. 

Anyhoo, damage routed around, now it's just engineering. Tedious engineering...

430 my time so... tonight some time? Sooner? Working it now.


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Pretty sure this is set now, will be uploading version 2 in a few hours after I sleep on it. Here's to IPS not needing to change anything here anymore...

It's possible this plugin disables a new 4.3 thing where a "success" sound plays when you finish uploading files... somewhere? I've yet to hear the sound play when uploading things on a stock installation with no Sound Board installed so... If someone can point me to a place where this success sound plays I'd love to know it. I'm fairly certain I can patch this anyways if SB breaks it but for now let's just roll with what I got.

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Version 2 Released!

Done and dusted. Challenging, and annoying, but got it in the end.

New version comes with expanded audio file support, adding ogg, flac, and acc to the mp3/wav pile.

4.3.2 or higher only, it will almost certainly not work on earlier versions and even if it did I have no intention of supporting them.


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1) Kinda need to see what (if anything) IPS does first, but it may not matter as...

2) The underlying howler.js library devs are aware of this of course. It's an ongoing problem with auto-play stuff and browsers where the browser devs don't want to allow sounds to just start playing without some user interaction first, and others of course wanting this stuff to just go.

Edit for more context: All IPS does is when needed is call the howler.js library to play a sound. All I do (now) is edit that library to slip in the Sound Board custom sounds. This policy change was actually going to fly months ago until people yelled at Google - only delayed it until December (or whatever Chrome version is targeted)

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Version 3 Released!

  • 4.4 compatibility sweep but this should work with 4.3.2 or greater. If not, just revert to 2.1
  • Howler library updated to 2.1.1 (newer than what will kick out with Invision Community 4.4)
  • Safety check to only swap in sound if the actual IPS notification sound file is provided to Howler on the off-chance IPS or someone else muscle's in on this library.
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I figured it out just now. A little nginx config change.


I saw this in the nginx log:


2019/02/26 00:36:25 [error] 28692#28692: *61553 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream, client: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, server: audiophilestyle.com, request: "GET /<admincp-directory>/?adsess=o1uajgg714eu0hkhgln7vja9i8&app=core&module=settings&controller=general HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock:", host: "audiophilestyle.com", referrer: "https://audiophilestyle.com/<admincp-directory>/?adsess=o1uajgg714eu0hkhgln7vja9i8&app=core&module=overview&controller=files"



I checked my config for this site and saw this


    # Lock down access to the AdminCP
    location ~ ^/<admincp-directory>/.+\.php$ {
    try_files   $uri @ips404;
        include         /etc/nginx/includes/php_fastcgi_params;
        fastcgi_pass    php_backend;



I added the two lines in BOLD below and all is good. 


    # Lock down access to the AdminCP
    location ~ ^/<admincp-directory>/.+\.php$ {
    try_files   $uri @ips404;
        include         /etc/nginx/includes/php_fastcgi_params;
        fastcgi_pass    php_backend;

        fastcgi_buffers     38 4k;
        fastcgi_buffer_size 16k;



I think @Makoto may want to adjust his recommendations with version 4.4, for the nginx conf files 






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