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4 hours ago, BankFodder said:

How can I get it working again please?

You can't. As stated, IPS removed notification sounds in 4.6. Someone here (you'll need to search) asked the same and they responded it was problematic on some browsers and so on and so forth. Remember: all Sound Board did was just swap out the standard sound for custom ones; it had no interaction with the actual sound-producing code. So once that was yanked out, SB has nothing to swap anymore. And, again as stated above, I'm not that interested in re-writing that code to re-enable that functionality (and IPS would likely reject it anyways as they do not allow stuff they pulled out to be stuck back in via 3rd-party mods - at least for the Marketplace)

With the move to the HTML5 browser notifications in 4.6 - the ones that pop up in the corner of your screen - sounds are definitely back in play - BUT the hitch is even though all that is spec'd out and ready to be used, none of the browsers are actually supporting it yet. It's there, waiting, but until browsers actually support it 🤷‍♂️

Now, can I attach some javascript to these notifications anyways and force sound through? Probably; but the hitch then is the thing with browsers forcing a user to "interact" with a page before allowing a sound to play and that's gonna be a problem with these HTML5 notifications - hence why they have a sound specification themselves, but, again, as stated, currently not supported by browsers.

Messy all around.

Sound Board is still good to go with 4.6 (though I don't think I formally updated it in the MP to flag it as 4.6 compatible?), but what you are left with is just a profile page sound block - that and all audio attachments everywhere having an audio player (god send that).

Like I said above, I'm thinking about what I want to do here. It was a custom notification sound thing then I added the sound player on all attachments, and now notifications sounds are out so I'm not sure what this even is right now (toying with music manager - i.e. tracks, albums, playlists, etc. but I have so much other junk going on already...

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Yes, Soundboard is a great idea and a very useful plug-in.

Invision once their platform to be generally used – and that means that people who are members of multiple forums might have them all lined up in separate tabs.

At the moment there is no choice as to the notification sound and so that means that when you get an alert, you have no idea which of your Invision tabs it's coming from.

This is really crazy. Amazing that they've left it to a developer to come up with this idea and it's a great shame that it doesn't work with the new version.

If Invision really want their platform to be used as the platform of choice by forum owners, then one thing they could do is to help people distinguish them with different notification alerts – chosen by the administrators or by the individual member – as was possible with Soundboard

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6 hours ago, All Astronauts said:

That's exactly what Sound Board has done for a year. Feel free to look over the MP description.

Since you are here... With us no longer able to submit tickets, can you kill purchases on this please?

I was reading the first post of this topic, obviously you added that after the post sync was disabled 😄

I have disabled purchases on this for you.

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