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so TLDR ... dont install junk from random people, dont pirate software (as 99.9% of the time its modified)... and dont upload/run code that you dont know what it does... sounds like simple security steps.

also the thing you're posting about is literally a fake user, a bot essentially using a modified referral/metadata. not a security issue, not really a SEO issue either. its someone just sending their language string is "french toast" instead of "EN-US" or w/e their actual language is.

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my site is just in testing not live had it up for a wile now the only thing i installed was (SIV41) Search Bots Online what that do is shows witch bot are searching your forums like Google ipb4 dont have that where it shows guest i have look every where and my friend had made the plugin and thats what it shows...Who's Online (See full list) ipb4 is not like 3.4 where it will show who is on line




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5 minutes ago, Sheffielder said:

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 20.53.45.png


Yep you're right

Just checked my google analytics and there it is staring me in the face in the sessions reports

This is scary.


It's really not and not anything to worry about.

Anyone can spoof the language, referrer, and just about any other piece of information that gets sent back to google analytics.

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