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Anchors not Working in Pages


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I'm trying to create a FAQ using the Articles system in Pages. I know there is a FAQ system app, but I have many different FAQ topics which coincide with article topics, and I need to keep evertything in the same place.  I have everything set up but the anchors and links.

I have linked questions at the top of a page, with answers below, on the same page. I want to have a link in each question, which takes the user down the page to an anchor next to the answer (typical FAQ setup). But when I click on the linked question, it opens a the same page in new browser window, and then drops down to the anchor.

In an FAQ article about residence permits, here's what I have done so far:

Using the "Anchor" button in CK Editor, I inserted an anchor at the left of the answer towards the bottom of the page, and called it "where-apply." The anchor HTML looks like this:

<span style="font-size:18px;"><strong><a id="where-apply" name="where-apply"></a>Where do I apply for my residence permit?</strong></span>

Then I went to the top of the page, highlighted the question, and clicked the "Link" button in CK Editor. In the dialog box, I entered #where-apply as the link URL. The link HTML looks like this:

<a href="http://#where-apply" rel="external">Where do I apply for my residence permit?</a>

Of course that goes to a non-existent page.

Next I double-clicked on the link to open the Link Dialog box. Two opened up. The one on top gives the option for link type as ""Link to anchor in text," so I selected that. For anchor name, I selected "where-apply" from the drop-down list. The example URL still said


So I removed the "http://" part. Then I saved the link and saved the page.

I clicked on the link, but then it went to the URL "http:///#where-apply" (note three backslashes), and I got the error "The address isn't valid."

How can I create an anchor at the bottom of a page, with a link going to it from the to of the page, and simply have the user go to that anchor on the same page when they click the link?

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It's done using the anchor button in the CKEditor. IPB seems to keep over-riding it and entering the "http://" part. I'll report it as a bug.

I'm adding the following for anyone else experiencing problems with same-page anchors:

I tried changing it in the HTML code, but


keeps being appended at the end when I save it. I checked my settings in my admin CP, and under System => Settings => Posting => URLs I have it set to "Force posted links to open in new windows? = Yes. Apparently this is supposed to apply to links to other websites, but it's also forcing same-page links to anchors to also open in a new window. I'll add it to the bug report.


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Same problem (4.2.3). I want to create single landing page and use a nav menu for a create anchor links. But it can't save with #anchor. If i hardcode this link in template - it work (move to the anchor in page), but address line changed to bad link. Example https://example.com/#anchor moved to right id, but address line changed to https://example.com/anchor. Very unusable thing. Will be happy if this problem will fixed as a part of core cms without my custom menu reinvent of right wheel.

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