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Validating members accounts in one click ?


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Hello ! ^_^

Regarding accounts creation on my board, I use both member and admin email validation. In addition to this, I check each account IP and so I really do like the option where you click on the IP link and it gives you a page with a map showing the member's location (I used to do it using other tools before).

But there's one thing I don't like with the IPB 4 system : when I need to validate accounts, I have to click on the validation button for each validating member. The problem is I have between 25 and 50 accounts creation per day at the moment, and sometimes, I have about 100. In the end, this makes a lot of clicks...

Is there another way ? In the past, you could show validation members, select them all in one click on a check box and click on the Ok button to validate all the accounts. Is it still possible ?

Thank you ! ^_^

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