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One member regularly makes double posts

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4.1.12 release notes, not sure if it applies here, for example if you're not on a windows server

Additional Information

Important Fixes

In addition to many smaller bug fixes and performance improvements, the following important fixes are included:

  • Support departments in Commerce could not be deleted.
  • Member groups could not be deleted.
  • The summary when submitting a calendar event may show the wrong time.
  • Double posts may occur on Windows servers.
  • Using very high limits for the number of questions per poll may cause errors.
  • Setting up the REST API may fail.
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Just now, Jim M said:

They must be accidentally (or not knowingly) clicking the button multiple times as that's the only way I can reproduce this.

OK, thanks.  They did confirm they are not doing this though. 

It only seems to happen with this one user, so I'm not worried, nor is he.  

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