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  1. OK so it has been removed. great i can let the community know.
  2. OK is there a setting for block cache? or is it the sitewide cache setting.
  3. Is this a change since 4.5 ? as all my users said it was there before?
  4. OK thankyou.. Users are also saying the New Topics use to be in bold (UNREAD) but now they are all showing as READ. have we lost this ?
  5. Since upgrading to 4.5 the side block - Topic Feed directs all users to the start of the topic instead of the 'last unread' reply. is this an error?
  6. thankyou so much , all fixed.
  7. Hi how do i access my private messages inbox on mobile? cant seem to find it.
  8. Yes i would like this If i have a Forum VIP members group - i would like to give them access to a VIP members CLUB. So they can either join the club automatically as they have the correct permissions or the leader can approve /add them. I would also like something in between Open and Closed clubs. like this: Open - VIP members club Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only VIP members can participate. Only VIP members can join.
  9. so can you convert all your 'product subscriptions' to new 'subscriptions' - or do people have to re-subscribe again?
  10. Hi, I have some forum memberships setup as 'products' with a renewal term , they are handled by paypal with billing agreements. They are $15 per year but i want to increase to $20 per year. My question is , if i just go in and adjust the product price to $20 - how does this affect all the current members who have purchased? what happens when it comes to renewal for $20 but they have billing agreements for $15 - does the system break or paypal produce an error, Should i just create a new product for the $20 and then give people the option to upgrade from their existing membership $15 to this new one - does that create a new billing agreement or edit the existing. Do i then keep the existing $15 enabled but not visible in the shop? Or do i setup and use subscriptions? can members upgrade to subscriptions from a product ? i am not too sure and looking for guidance on how to approach this. thx in adv
  11. thanks for that - that worked but i noticed if i click the 'Activity' tab i could still see a post from the club and i could visit it. how about you?
  12. where could i change the word 'Clubs' to 'Business' ? on the frontend
  13. Yes i would like to see this as well - Its surprising that this is not standard.
  14. does that mean codec on my PC or in my browser ? or the ACP needs a codec installed?
  15. I had a user upload some video files in .3gp format. they uploaded fine and inserted into the post but it only renders the video player, the video doesnt show or play. i have set my content to allow 'all file types.'
  16. Ive invited a couple of members to join a private club. How do they get invited? Is it PM or email? As they didnt receive anything... Thx
  17. i have a ticket open as well - my users didnt have this before i upgraded to 4,3,3 now i am on 4.3.5 and still not working im using imagemagick, memory is 512, upload size 128M max upload 128M
  18. I pasted the link http://www.vimeo..... And it doesnt work. Its not showing the vimeo player. There is no error code being shown. What else would you like to know?
  19. I pasted the link . Doesnt work. Its vimeo video not yt or fb
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