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Please select the applications you wish to upgrade.

Adam Dover

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I am upgrading from IP 3.4.9 to 4.1.10 because there was no SMF converter yet for 4.1.10 yet.

So I got the conversion done, now time to upgrade.

1) Downloaded 4..1.10 from my client area

2) Unziped and uploaded everything in the ips_85c0a  (not sure if it overwrote any files since I had auto install on)

3) Went to my site to upgrade

4) On step 3 (Applications) it asks " Please select the applications you wish to upgrade. "

  • It says all my apps are up to date.  It has no check boxes beside it
  • I click Next and it returns this error:  Warning: You must select to upgrade at least one application



I looked around for others having same problem so I went back to the Manage Apps tab and selected UPGRADE but it came back as everything was up to date.  


Any ideas on why I cannot upgrade?  Thanks



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In that case, I would recommend you re-upload the entire contents of that ips_85c0a folder to your forum root directory, overwriting when prompted and verifying that all files transferred. From your description, it may be that the first upload wasn't complete.

If that fails, please file a ticket to support.

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I concur please submit a ticket if you continue to have issues with this. ^_^

Generally, this type of issue is caused by one of the following, these are not in any particular order and may not always apply but they are the most common causes:

1. The files were uploaded into the wrong directory

2. The FTP client being used to upload them 'skipped' and did not 'overwrite' existing files

3. The admin directory was renamed and the admin directory was not named to match this prior to upload

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