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  1. Checking back again. Happy to see it is still under development.
  2. Sounds like all that I am looking for is covered, albeit some may or may not be exclusive to old customers? I don't know, considering this is for an entirely new version of IPB, I am not sure why or how they could voice objection. Hope you look to release this month as planned. Will be patiently anticipating. Thank you for bringing it to 4.1x
  3. Hi Newbie, if you click on that link, it basically looks like a forum correct? It displays the next matches like you would see in a forum. So suggestion would be to actually make it a forum where you can post threads in it. Would be good to be able to make a sticky post further explaining that specific league and also double as a discussion area.
  4. Thank you, I have started following "Tournaments". One last suggestion before I leave. In the "Football" tab and a individuals league Fixture area I think adding option to make that a forum in which members can create topics would be good. Would be great also for website owners to make a sticky or something further explaining the league. http://dowrealism.com/forums/index.php?/football/league/1-5vs5-open-invite-ctf-mode/ Currently only have option to make another "fixture".
  5. Looking forward to this! I am not entirely sure how your old app was like since I never used it and do not have 3.4x, but some things I am liking with another app I was hoping would take care of all my needs I'll show you and if they are not currently implemented in "Tournaments" then hopefully they can be added. (The other plugin I am using is called "Football" by newbie LAC. I run a gaming community made up of all types of clans and we plan to keep things fun by hosting a wide range of tournaments ranging from open invite (any members on the forums can unite and make a team), clan vs clan (clans involved int he community may join and compete is clan vs clan league), and then a community league in which their are 6 factions (American, British, Soviet German, Italian and Japanese) and forum members can choose a country to fight for and compete in our weekly matches in game. PROS of "Football" I like how Football uses visuals with team logos and tournament logos. They also made its own dedicated "Football" forum, but as you can see it is bugged on my site for some reason with it not showing the team names in side bar widget and match (fixture) topics. They have a "player list". What is neat is that the players screen shows info on that player like DOB, country, etc. Only downer is that it is pretty much soccer related so unusable for a FPS gaming environment (but it allows you to make up your own fields). The only downer is that to make a player you have to do it from back-end instead of the actual player/member doing it themselves. http://dowrealism.com/forums/index.php?/football/ CONS of "Football" It has some cons to it though. The biggest being forum members cannot simply make a team to add to the league and/or members cannot join an existing team. This must all be done through back-end which is no good. The other is having to use back-end to update match results. I think an option should be allowed for team creators to have the ability to enter match results (which can be switched on and off for each league). This will work well with communities like mine that have serious leagues and not so serious. Other Suggestions: Bracket system optional layout is also a nice addition to have. Would also be great to add a playoff feature (that can be determined on league setup) if ones not already there and it places teams into brackets.
  6. Couple of bugs/oddities as well: Widget Block of "Tables" when applied to a sub forum also shows in main forum area. Not good for multiple leagues with their own sub forum: http://dowrealism.com/forums/index.php?/forum/28-tournaments-leagues-and-ladders/ Also, the fixture topic and sidebar is having issues. See images
  7. Hi there, I was wondering if there is any chance the app can be geared towards a gaming site. I bought it and looked around, but can see a lot of alterations need to be added, but look doable. The crutch though is ability to join teams. I'll explain what I need and maybe look at hiring someone (or author) to help me out. Overall Purpose of the League(s) I wish to operate - I want members within my forums to able to create and join 5 (or a specific number as max players) man teams without need of administration (if option for members to create teams within a specific league exists when being created in admin cp. They would need to do so before a predefined "cut off" date. Else they cannot create a team because system will not allow. - Whoever created the team is now the admin for that team. He can then kick players from his team and can edit all the other stuff like team bio, logo, positions, etc. - Members who are in that team will appear just as they appear in the forums. So "ForumUser1" will show up in the team as "ForumUser1" and maybe hyperlinked to their forum profile. - Forum moderators or above can still handle the fixtures. Extra Stuff needed The rest is mainly cosmetic. - Remove "Goal Difference" from side reference - Change soccer field to something else - Change "Fixtures" to "Matches" **I'm sure there will be a few other things, just the ones I have noticed so far** Would be willing to $$$ for this.
    Thank you for making this plugin so informative. I like how you show online/offline, players in game, etc etc. I went ahead and bought even though the game I play is not represented yet!
    Works perfectly as described. There are currently no instructions with the app, but luckily I had my issues answered by fosters (app creator). But here is a quick tutorial: - Install as a APP, not a plugin (TAR file). - Go to Admin CP - Community - Staff Applications to begin adding your application forms for group member positions in your community. - +Create New to make a Form for a specific group application. - +Add Field once form is made to add any questions you want the client to answer like "why they want the position". (do not worry about name, it makes a post by that client on their submission post) To view (or fill out a form), try these two links with appropriate path to your forums: http://yoursite.com/forums/application/ if nothing shows up try this instead: http://yoursite.com/forums/index.php?application/
  8. Tested and works great! Giving REP
  9. Awesome! Thanks man. Yes, I was putting in the wrong URL. I was doing: http://dowrealism.com/forums/application/
  10. Yes, but what about the blank page still?
  11. Yes, but what about the page being blank still?
  12. What is the URL extension to access application positions I added? I tried http://dowrealism.com/forums/applications/ but it is a blank page. It did not auto create a menu button when I installed. Does this app need "IPB Pages" to work? If so I am screwed.
  13. Copy. Thanks. Ill try that and if it doesnt work will post a support ticket.
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