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Job Board App ?


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On 12/22/2020 at 7:24 AM, Daniel F said:

Have you tried to accomplish this with the pages application?

You could create 2 databases, one for the job offers and another for the instructors to offer their services.

Can you help me with this? 


On 12/23/2020 at 10:06 AM, Adriano Faria said:

I replied your topic on my board. You and the others, provide PayPal for a refund. I won't work on this anymore.

Any news about this plugin? 😄

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Now that Adriano has decided to abandon this developement started in... 2017, anyone else interested to make this happen ?

Hundreds of people here showed interest for this, so it should definitely happen 🙂

Anyone interested & app developer, let your voice be heard !

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I guess people wants more than a CRUD. With Pages you won’t be able, for example, to  use Commerce (to charge for submissions or access), use Clubs, use extensions (from other apps and some from Core too), among several other things. I remember these from the top of my head but probably there are more. 

I mean, you probably could do it with Pages if you hook here and there, etc. But why, if you can do this easily with an app?

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1 hour ago, Durango said:

Agora que Adriano decidiu abandonar este desenvolvimento iniciado em ... 2017, mais alguém interessado em fazer isso acontecer?

Centenas de pessoas aqui demonstraram interesse por isso, então definitivamente deveria acontecer 🙂

Quem estiver interessado e desenvolvedor de aplicativos, deixe sua voz ser ouvida!

Really, I'm sorry I didn't read it right before asking. I would really like an plugin like that

56 minutes ago, opentype said:

Um começo construtivo seria listar os recursos de que vocês realmente precisam. Apenas alegar “estamos interessados” não vai convencer ninguém. Os desenvolvedores precisam julgar o que é necessário para fornecer os recursos necessários e se isso pode ser lucrativo. 

Sorry my English.

But I believe that it would be interesting to have the option for community members to add job openings in the community and an moderator or administrator accepting the job posting.
Option to create personalized fields, such as "salary range", "type of hiring", "about the company", space for the company to place its social networks and if it is not too complicated, the candidate can apply for the job in the community yourself, instead of going out and applying in another site. Everything would be centralized within Invision. Let's talk better. 🙂

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Ok, let me talk about this a bit more. I abandoned the development a couple of months ago because it was very difficult to try to reconcile the interest of all the people who were participating with suggestions. Too hard. Everyone wanted the app to work according to what was best for their forums. This makes development impractical. So I quit. But I continued developing it as a marketplace resource and it will be available on marketplace soon.

Here goes some screens of the app (please bear in mind that this is still in development and things can change, especially layout):

- Job Opportunity view:



- You will be able to create multiple application forms in the ACP:




- You can add as many fields as you want per application form:



- Each form has its own permission:





- So users who are creating a job opportunity will be able to use only forms available to their groups:



- The application form when the user clicks in APPLY!, based in the application form chosen when creating the job opportunity:



- Adding a job opportunity:



You will be able to use Commerce in the application (charge for job opportunity submission).

Should be available soon!

Edited by Adriano Faria
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Nice add-on for IC, would definitely consider it. It's possible to develop something similar with Pages, but something out of the box with Commerce integration etc.. sounds even better. Good move!

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On 4/23/2021 at 12:39 PM, opentype said:

A constructive start would be to list the features you guys actually need. Just claiming “we are interested” won’t really convince anyone. The developers need to judge what it takes to deliver the required features and whether that can be profitable. 

Hi @opentype

you're right, that's what i did in details on Adriano's board with approx 10 detailed topics with screenshots and details about main features to set up

i had job boards before that's why i initiated this request and created this main topic at the very beginning ... 5 years ago

@Adriano Faria Have you kept all my topics on your board, i can't find them anymore ?


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22 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

You chose to be refunded. You lost access to  that forum

Actually you deleted the job board forum 2 years before i asked my 50$ back (very recently)

but i can pay you back 50$ to see this forum again, please send me payment link thanks

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53 minutes ago, Durango said:

Actually you deleted the job board forum 2 years before i asked my 50$ back (very recently)

Not sure what you mean. The forums was always there and still is. The post from January is the one I asked PayPal from everyone via message, which you did.


55 minutes ago, Durango said:

but i can pay you back 50$ to see this forum again, please send me payment link thanks

No, thanks. There are still a few users there that will get the new version. Save your money. Ask they to copy your stuff: ADKGamers, BomAle, Steve Bullman and YDSOA.

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