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Can members sell physical products on this Commerce system?


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9 hours ago, rookiegirl said:

Trying to decide if I can use the commerce system on 4.x   Can members sell physical things using this IPB commerce?

Are they any live sites that are using it?  Please link.

IP.Commerce is designed for the Admin to sell:

- hosting

- advertising

- physical or digital products.  

It also offers advanced support tools.

To be clear, the system is meant for the Admin to sell, not for your members to sell.  

You should search "Classifieds" if you're looking for a third party app for members to sell.  

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6 minutes ago, rookiegirl said:

Thank you, there is no classifieds for 4.x that I could find. :-(

What about IPB marketplace, is admin uploading all the things for sale?

That's based upon IP.Downloads (just renamed as "Marketplace" on the IPS community), where you can allow category permissions for members to upload their digital files.  

You can use IP.Downloads + IP.Commerce for members to sell digital files (but obviously not physical products).

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